Hello Beautiful readers!



Well, today I officially begin writing on my blog…I planned this a while ago but never really got round to it. If you are curious about future posts on my blog then there will mainly be posts about makeup and anything else beauty related. From reviews, hauls and even makeup looks(all that good stuff!). I am not a professional makeup artist though I have a really strong passion for it and I want to share it with everyone :o) .

Everything I have learnt about makeup is through you tube, other bloggers and a LOT of pracise! Over the past year I have spent a lot of my time dedicated to reading other blog posts and watching you tube videos. Some may think this is sad and silly but my love for makeup just kept accumulating! I went out and bought the basic tools for makeup application and began practising and practising and practising…. After a year I thought it was big time to share my interest for makeup with everyone, hence the birth of this blog ;o) I also have an Instagram account where I post makeup looks so make sure to check that out @humeradewan_X

Thank you for reading, see you soon! XX