BarryM Dazzle Dust Review

Hi lovelies

If you know me then you know how obsessed I am with Barry M Glitter Dazzle Dust’s, I nearly have all the colours! When I first began experimenting with makeup I was searching for affordable glitter. Before coming across Barry M, I had considered buying Mac glitter pots as SO many you tubers were using them however I wasn’t working at the time therefore the pricing was way over my budget.

I was in Superdrug one day and came across the Barry M pots. I swatched the testers and fell in LOVE.

They are not advertised as glitters but ‘loose powder’ so not what I had in mind when I went out to buy glitter. However they do the trick pretty well as they seem to have reflective properties which makes them pop on the eyelids ❤

Why I love them

  • A reasonable size which makes it easy to store/travel with
  • Amazing variety of shades, from blue to pink to green and gold
  • Able to mix the colours to create custom colours
  • Colour pay off is stunning and with the help of a damp brush, it is even more beautiful
  • The price of the product is great, below £5
  • They are easy to find, usually available in Superdrug and Boots which are found pretty much anywhere

A wee makeup look I created with ‘Bronze’678

I used the product and applied it to the centre of my lids only whilst the inner and outer corners were much darker.

If you have them comment below what your thoughts are ❤

Thanks for reading, take care Xxx


Smokey eyes with a pop of glitter

Hi lovelies,

A while back I purchased the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics Palette from John Lewis. I was a bit skeptical before buying it as I have a LOT of matte neutral eyeshadows however after reading lots of positive reviews, I was encouraged to go ahead and buy it.

Can I just say how GLAD I am that I went ahead it and bought it. The colours are so pigmented, really smooth which makes blending a dream and the packaging is amazing!


This has quickly become my go to eyeshadow palette for my eye makeup, believe me when I say I literally use this every time I wear any eye makeup!

The other day I was playing around with my Naked 2 Palette and ended up creating a black smokey eye with a hint of glitter.


  • From UD Ultimate Basics, I blended in ‘ Tempted’ & ‘Faith’.
  • Below my crease, I applied a little bit of ‘ Extra Bitter’.
  • I then began packing on ‘Black Jack’ and slowly built up the intensity. Every so often I went back in with a small amount of ‘Extra Bitter’ to add in more colour so it wasn’t only just black eyeshadow.
  • I created a winged eyeliner using the gel eyeliner by Collection.
  • To smoke out my lower lashline, I used a small pencil brush and applied ‘Extra Bitter’ and ‘Black Jack’.
  • After my lashionery lashes were applied in Airy Fairy , I felt there was something missing!
  • In my waterliner, I applied Royal Blue Eyeliner  by MUA and in the inner corners of my lids/lashline, I dabbed on Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in Glamrock.




To be honest, this smokey eye can be used with any similar eyeshadows/different glitter eyeliners too!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Take care XXX




London Wedding

Hello hello, it’s been a while!

Over the past couple of months, life has been really hectic for me. Personal issues, work, uni…everything came in one go that I needed to take a step back and just focus elsewhere.

I took a long break from blogging but now I am back and I intend to stick to it!

Around a week ago my best friends sister got married in London! Me and my friend Anna hopped on a train, attended the event and had the chance to look around London for a few hours.

We left Edinburgh around 11.30.




Later on in the evening after we had arrived, we decided to go out and grab dinner. I already had makeup on so I popped on Kylie Jenner liquid lipstick in Leo to make the overall look more evening appropriate.



On the day of the wedding, we both woke up really early and started to get ready. Not gonna lie, I was actually a little bit stressed as I had decided to wear a sari. Since I had never worn one before in my life and had to do it alone, I really didn’t want to mess up!

Having seen the sari a few days before the big day, I knew that I didn’t want my makeup to look too dramatic.
For the eyes I used the Makeup Revolution ‘Eyes like Angels’ palette and my trusty Maya Mia palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills.
I blended warm toned eyeshadows into my crease and patted on a shimmery purple eyeshadow on my lids. I went for wispy eyelashes to compliment the eye makeup.

Onto my sari! I actually managed to tie it pretty nicely however when I left the wedding it literally came apart LOL!

I let Anna borrow one of my Asian suits which I then wore in the evening  for the second part of the wedding.




For the evening makeup look I went for defined brows, minimal base and lots of highlighter. As we woke up really early that morning, I did not want to keep my heavy base on so I actually took it all off and concealed/powdered where necessary.



My bestieeeeee



3 amigos ❤




The prettiest wee bride ❤


Our train back home was really early in the morning so we left around 5.30am. I am so glad we attended the wedding, such  fun a weekend ❤


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, I have plenty more coming up! xxx





Get the look; Eid Al-Adha

Hi lovelies,

A few days ago it was Eid Al-Adha! Eid is a celebration day for Muslims all around the world where we spend time with our loved ones, exchange gifts and eat lots of yummy food ❤ I was so exhausted on the day, I just wanted to curl up and sleep BUT I knew I had to use all my energy and dress up on this special occasion ❤






I wore this stunning abaya which I purchased from Saudi Arabia when I went for Hajj last year. With the baby blue colour and multi coloured embroidery/beads, it reminded me of Barbie for some strange reason! The funny thing is that I even got told that I look like a Muslim Barbie doll! ( couldn’t decide if that was a compliment or a wee hint I was wearing too much makeup!)


Keeping with the Barbie theme, I opted for colourful eyes, flirtatious lashes and a nude pinkey lip.




  1. After priming blend burnt orange into crease
  2. Pat on the blue eyeshadow in the centre of lids
  3. In the inner corner/first half of lids apply gold eyeshadow
  4. To deepen the crease blend light purple eyeshadow in the socket
  5. Define outer V with dark purple and dark brown
  6. Apply black eyeliner and pop on your favourite lashes



  • Chanel foundation and Estee Lauder foundation mixed together
  • LA Girl Cosmetics…Creamy Beige for concealer and Beautiful Bronze  to contour
  • Baby pink blush from BH Cosmetics blush palette
  • Sleek Makeup Face Contour kit to set cream contour and highlight
  • Collection loose powder to set under eyes and T Zone

For lips I used Sleek lip cream in Birthday Suit. You can use any similar products in your makeup collection, totally not necessary to use the same products to achieve the same look! Have fun with bold colours! I know it can be a bit intimidating to use so many different colours but no harm in turning into Barbie once in a while eh ;o)









Take Care XXX

Special Events- Highlight and Contour Routine

Hi lovelies,

Today I will be going through my highlight and contour routine which I tend to do when I am attending special events. It is a full coverage routine so hence why only for special occasions!

Highlight and contouring really depends on your face shape. The areas of your face you want to push in, you apply the dark product and the areas you want to bring out, you apply the light product.

Now it took me a while to get into the swing of the whole extreme contouring thing. It has become such a trend that people feel like they HAVE to do it. I really disagree since the art of contouring really depends on YOUR face shape. Where I may have to contour, for example along my nose to slim it down, some people could easily skip that if they already have a cute wee slim nose.

Liquid products:


  • LA Girl Cosmetics orange concealer to counteract the dark circles under my eyes.
  • Maybelline Fit me Concealer in shade 20 to hide the orange tones
  • Extended down along my eyes for a bit more coverage
  • Patted it into skin with my Bare Minerals concealer brush
  • Further blended it into skin using a sponge



  • LA Girl Cosmetics concealer in Beautiful Bronze.
  • Applied some down my cheekbones, a little bit along my forehead, along my jaw line and down the sides of my nose.



To further highlight I took out my trusty Collection loose powder and ‘baked’ the concealer under my eyes with a LOT of powder using the same sponge. I applied this down the centre of my nose, on my forehead since its quite small and along the sides of my jaw to bring them out as I have a really round face.

I set the contoured areas with the Sleek Face Contour kit in medium. This also comes with a gold toned highlighter which I popped right on the tip of my nose and the high plains of my face.
After 10 minutes I dusted of the excess powder and I was left with nice highlighted face. My face literally looked air brushed and flawless from 1.30pm all the way till 3 in the morning! Caked it for a looong time ;o)






Get the look; Mehndi Raat Face

Hi lovelies!

A few days ago my uncles fiancée had her Mehndi/Henna party which is sort of like a hens party for us Muslim ladies ;o) I will be sharing with you all the look I created on that day. I was inspired by the Pakistani dress I wore, the beautiful gold detailing with hints on turquoise.




  1. After my skin care routine I smoothed out my skin using Porefessional primer by Benefit
  2. I used a stippling brush to apply my Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation
  3. I corrected my dark circles using an orange concealer from LA Girl Cosmetics and then used my Maybelline Fit Me concealer to hide the orange tones
  4. After ‘baking’ with Collection Translucent powder I proceeded to powder contouring and highlighting using my Face Contour Kit by Sleek in medium

Eyes: I used my BH Cosmetics 120 palette to create the dramatic eye makeup.

  1. I blended a brown matte eye shadow in the crease
  2. In the inner corner I applied a mix of a yellow and gold eye shadow
  3. In the centre I first applied the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Turquoise Forever and mixed a blue and green eye shadow to pack on top
  4. I deepened the outer V with black eye shadow and blended it into the brown shadow
  5. I lined my eyes with NYC eye liner
  6. I tight lined my upper and lower lash line with NYC black eye pencil
  7. After popping on Huda Beauty lashes in ‘Giselle’ eyes were all complete!



The finished look….




Here is my outfit which was a pressie from my mum ❤ I love love love this dress! Very different from the other Asian outfits I have ❤


Le mother
Le mother

Stay tuned for the makeup look I created for the wedding!

Take Care XXX

#rukiaswedding2015- OOTD’s & Makeup Looks

Hello lovelies!

Last Friday a family friend had her henna ceremony party/event followed by her wedding on Tuesday the 7th of April! A BIG congratulations to Rukia and Adil ❤


I thought I will share with you all my makeup and outfit details from both wedding events! For those of you who may not already know I come from a Bangladeshi background hence making me a Scottish Asian! I love dressing up in Asian clothes whenever I get that chance just because I LOVE wearing fancy clothes and also….who doesn’t love dressing up and taking pictures? ;o)

For the mehendi ( henna) ceremony I opted for this beautiful royal blue and yellow kaftan which I actually bought from Saudi Arabia! I literally felt like an Arab princess….LOL! A very similar makeup look I wore on the night is already up on my blog. Check it out here I paired this dress with a royal navy headscarf which I bought from




Cousin of the bride! Also a fellow blogging buddy!

I loved doing this makeup look again! The lashes I wore with this look is by Eyelure in No 121.

Roll on the wedding :oD

I wore this gorgeous long dress bought from the store Rang in London. This definitely made me feel like a princess! The colour combination of red and gold is my absolute favourite! As the dress was very bold I toned down my makeup.





My nana is the definition of a fashionista!


Me and my mummy <3
Me and my mummy ❤


I blended in Sienna in my crease and patted in Glisten on my lids.  Both these eye shadows are from the Maya Mia Palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills. I put half a lash on the outer corners of my eyes and concealed the lash band with black eyeliner.  As the eyes were simple I paired it with deep red lips. 





For my accessories I wore this lovely daisy hand chain I bought from New Look a while ago. The beautiful gold headscarf is from Pearl Daisy and to glam up my headscarf a tiny bit I wore this daisy chain on top, again from Pearl Daisy. How cute is the white rose?! The gold bag I used was borrowed from my aunt.



Overall I had so much fun on both nights. My 2 outfits including the makeup were different from each other which I am glad about. The first event my makeup was dramatic whereas on the second night it was more on the simple side with just a pop of red!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post ❤
Take Care XXX

Edinburgh Bloggers Event

Hey guys!

Last night I went along to The Magical Secret Garden organised by Edinburgh Bloggers and Edinburgh Coast store. There were so many bloggers in one room, yippee! Before arriving I was super nervous, it was my first event and I was not too sure what to expect. However as I entered the store there was so many friendly and familiar faces. After all the months of following bloggers and socializing over the internet, it was nice to have met them all face to face.

The event was beautifully organised! Big round of applause to Sultana and Emily from Edinburgh Bloggers and also to Jacqueline from Coast ❤

Emily and Sultana! How stunning do they both look! ❤
Cakes and cakes and OH doughnuts ❤


Models getting their makeup done! Look at all the Mac products, I wanted it ALL :oD
Lovely Alice from
Kate from
Kate from
Mairi from
Mairi from



The Fashion Show


Lauren from and Gary from @edfashion. Such lovely people!
yaaas Bengali chicks in the house :oP Sultana from

Lovely Emily from and my babe on the left from So nice to have met you both in person!





Overall I had a such a great night. Glad I went along even though I was super nervous at first. One reason I love blogging so much is being able to connect with so many lovely people. Last night me and the bloggers talked about makeup, shared tips and tricks and obviously took a lot of pictures! Looking forward to the next meet up already :oD

Until next time folks,

Take Care XXX

Cafe’o’clock- Lovecrumbs

Hi guys,

It Cafe’o’clock again! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this concept, then it is basically me chit chatting about a recent cafe visit. My last Cafe’o’Clock post was Piece Box, check it out here Now if you were to ask me where most of my money goes towards then I would tell you it goes towards food! Not food where you pop into Scotmid and buy a bar of chocolate but cafe food! Coffees. teas, cakes, biscuits…..and the list goes on. Yes I know, so very unhealthy but actually most of the things I buy are moderately healthy ish ;o)

Today I will be talking to you about Lovecrumbs. Lovecrumbs is located on 155 West Port, Edinburgh, EH3 9DP.  They are a cake-only cake shop.

Taken from
Taken from
Taken from

The shop opened at 10.30 am and I was one of the first few people to arrive. To my surprise within 20-25 minutes of the  place opening it was super busy! There were students like myself, the elderly and also mums who had come hence showing that this cafe is welcome and suitable for all. After I entered the store the first thing I spotted were the beautiful cakes, scones and croissants on display! My heart really did skip a beat ❤

The pumpkin spice cookie I ordered is the one on the top left covered in icing! NOM NOM NOM



The pricing was decent, not too expensive. My total was £3.80. I gave my order ( black coffee & Pumpkin Spice Cookie) to the person behind the till who was very smiley. I do like when the staff are friendly as it creates a more positive environment. Thumbs up to the cheerful staff at Lovecrumbs!

I managed to find a small table to sit down. A few minutes later the coffee was brought to me in a little cup with my cookie which by the way can I say was so yummy! The coffee cup was a bit small but I was kind of glad because it tasted a bit funny….I believe their coffee beans must have been quite different compared to my normal Costa/Starbucks coffee beans.





They had small tables and big tables which is perfect as some people came in big groups which meant that the cafe was accommodating everybody. The cake was buzzing with everybody talking, the noise of the coffee machine, a little baby girl crying/laughing away. For me personally a good cafe is where I feel comfortable and can just get on with my business. I have been to a few cafes where I felt uneasy at times for different reasons. However at Lovecrumbs, despite it being busy, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.



Overall my experience here was fab :o) I really had to force myself and leave actually. I was so engrossed in reading my book and just feeling comfy that it made me leaving my chair a bit of a struggle. Highly recommend checking out this cafe!

selfie check ;o)

Thanks for reading lovelies, take care ❤

Berries and Green- Smoothie Recipe

Hi my loves!

Hope you have all had an amazing weekend so far ❤ Today I am going to be sharing with you all a smoothie recipe using my NEW nutribullet :oD Can we talk about it….I am SO in love with it, it makes blending up smoothies hassle free. I have been wanting it for a while, almost a year now. A few weeks ago my older walked came to me and said he has a blender in mind he wants to buy and I automatically said the Nutribullet, I was right! He ordered it and came last week. ❤ ( yes I am in love)

This recipe is super easy and yummy! I am still progressing up towards the green smoothie ladder…..I usually increase the amount of greens with each smoothies I make so it doesn’t feel like I am drinking bogeys, EW! This has berries, honey and cinnamon so the sweetness overpowers the greens, well I think so at least :o)

These are the ingredients you will need.


IMG_0003 I opted for frozen berries as it makes the smoothie more refreshing. Instead of a whole banana you can use a half like I did

IMG_0004 First goes in a handful of Kale.The benefits of this super green:

  • Full of essential Vitamins A, C and K
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Important for skin and hair

IMG_0005 Next berries,yummy! Benefits:

  • Loaded with fiber aiding to help feel full
  • Protect body against inflammation
  • Protect against free radicals

IMG_0006 Next a whole or half a banana. Benefits:

  • High in potassium
  • Good way to get magnesium and vitamins
  • Strengthen the nervous system

IMG_0007 A spoonful of peanut butter. Benefits:

  • It contains the GOOD fat
  • It has powerful antioxidant Vitamin E
  • Has fiber and protein

IMG_0008 A spoonful of honey can do no harm ;o) Benefits:

  • Reduce cough and throat irritation
  • Prevent cancer and heart disease
  • Increases athletic performance

IMG_0009 Cinnamon next! You can put in as much as you want or a teensy weensy amount. Benefits:

  • Helps to treat muscle spasm
  • Reduce the negative effects of high fat meals
  • May help improve glucose levels

IMG_0012 I used a cup of water. For a more creamier smoothie you can add in milk. Benefits of water:

  • Maintains the balance of body fluids
  • Helps to control calories
  • Water can help to energize muscles


After blending, I drank it straight from the cup :oD

I hope this smoothie recipe was useful and interesting. As you can tell it is not that hard, most of the ingredients are probably in your kitchens anyway. As for the benefits, there are more than 3 for each one but I just narrowed it down. I love the peanut butter crunch with the sweetness coming through. Perfect for breakfast or increase the quantity for a smoothie meal.

Take care lovelies X